Unique Systems of Magic

Many worlds we have created have, at one point, had magic planned out for Them. From the Istari Order of Tolkein’s Legandarium, to the Psijic Order of Tamriel. From Mass Effect’s Biotic Soldiers to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding Schools. Magic is prevalent in almost every imagining out there.

So my question is, what unique systems of magic have you encountered or thought of yourself? What limits them? Are they maybe seen as evil? Is magic the ruling force, above steel and money? Or is it simply another way to view magic?

The most unique I have personally created is from a world where virtual reality machines are all over the world, and those that can use magic are those with access to the debug console. They are coders and cheaters. Anyone who can write a line of code can surely make themselves invisible in this virtual world.

So tell me, what is the unique magic you know of? Be it yours or anothers?